Warmonga and Warhok

Warhok is a leader of the Lorwardian Army and Warmonga's hot-tempered battlemate. He and Warmonga attack Earth during Kim Possible's high school graduation as revenge for Drakken deceiving, and Kim defeating, Warmonga.

Warmonga is a giant female green-skinned alien from the planet Lorwardia, a warrior woman standing somewhere around eight-to-ten feet tall. What is known about her backstory before her debut wasn't detailed much. What is known is she was victorious in a battle against thirteen moons of a planet called Jingos. She and Warhok battled side by side. It is implied that she's also a hunter and has a trophy collection as she and Warhok went on their first hunt for a creature caled a Thorgoggle on the moon of Parfa. Warhok gave her its spine.

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