Vexus is one of the few robot villains in the Organization and the nemesis of Jenny Wakeman.

Canon BioEdit

Vexus and Nora Wakeman have been opponents for what must have been quite some time, and Vexus was likely the inspiration for XJ-9's creation. XJ-9 typically can outwit and outperform Vexus, but regardless, Vexus' has the resources of an entire planet to call upon, so occasionally she does gain the upper hand- but typically through trickery and sabotage.

She possesses the ability to transform, but typically for means of disguise, compared to the multitude of battle forms that Jenny typically uses. Her known forms are as the photographer, a robotic nurse, another robot girl named "QT2", a girl named "Violet", and as "Vicky".

In Escape From Cluster Prime, it is revealed that Vexus has a daughter named Vega.During the course of the film, Vexus is dethroned by Jenny and Nora Wakeman (with Sheldon's help) and Vega takes the leadership of Cluster Prime for her own.It is assumed, that Krakus, Smytus, and herself got destroyed in the destruction of a dump asteroid. however, she was shown to be alive in "Queen Bee" and donned a new look.

Being 2,000 years old, Vexus' skill with slang and relating to teenagers is a bit rusty. In an attempt to infiltrate Tremorton High, she dressed like a Flapper and spouted all the hottest 1920s lingo like "bee's knees" and "23 skiddoo".

Appearance in UltimaEdit

Vexus has made many appearances in Ultima mostly doing work for the Organization. Her ultimate goal throughout most of the series is to exact revenge on Jenny and her friends after what happened during the events of Escape From Cluster Prime and then become its ruler again. She is also one of the few villains who actually got to use the power of an Ultimaweapon as was seen during the Ultimacrystal Arc.

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