Verminious snaptrap

Snaptrap, is the leader of D.O.O.M. (Diabolical Order of Mayhem).

Snaptrap has the personality traits of arrogant, cowardly, unintelligent, sarcastic, temperamental, and psychotic. He is also highly sadistic, as he enjoys throwing his henchmen (usually Larry) in the shark tank if they ever fail or annoy him. He is also shown to have strained family relations with his mother (as shown numerous times in the series). As shown in "Mall Rat", he is completely insane, as he made a girlfriend named Vivian out of soap. This insanity is also expressed because sometimes when he talks, he puts emphasis on one word, during which, his eyes spiral around, until he is finished saying the word, though this may be a possible cause of Tourette's Syndrome. He also has a slight lisp. Every time he is defeated (in an episode where he's the main antagonist), he says "I will now PLOT MY REVENGE!!!". He is incredibly vindictive and will get his revenge on anyone who defeats him. He is obsessed with ruling the world.

he's the only rat in the world who is allergic to cheese. This may have plagued him his whole life until he went mad and formed D.O.O.M..

Ultima roleEdit

Snaptrap still leads D.O.O.M., but he, and his henchman are disrespected by the other Org members due to being a weak and pathetic member and he is mostly used by the Grunts as target practice, or just out of the boredom.

But he has a plan that may earn him & D.O.O.M. the respect they deserve. He's already studying his targets, and is making preparations. And making sure to bring the right troops, knowing full well that the Grunts will use him as a target dummy.

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