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The Ultima Wiki is a collaborative website about the fanfiction series, Ultima, by Nicktheultimaswordwielder. Feel free to edit and keep responsible on what you're going to add, so the wiki won't be a clutter. Do also drop a message if you like!

Spoiler Alert, Content Warning and Disclaimers

Please Note: The wiki has significant story details for the original Ultima storyline, individual stories and characters, without prior warning. Do exercise caution as you visit.

Also, this wiki contains fictitious subject matter that can be considered violent, having religious connotations and of a dark nature, also without prior warning. Please bear this in mind as you visit as well.

Finally, the opinions expressed by the Ultima team are not necessarily that of the opinions of the individuals who created the works that Ultima is composed of, nor of their respective publishers. We also do not own the works that this work is based on, save for original characters, locations and elements. Ultima is not intended to be a substitute for any works that inspired it, and no copyright infringement is intentional. However, individual stories and ideas produced by the Ultima team belong to them respectively as well as jointly. Please do try to support all official releases.

With that, please enjoy your time here and on our stories!

What is Ultima?Edit

To many of you video game nerds, the first thing you think of when you hear Ultima is the video game series. Well this wiki is actually based on a series of cartoon x-over fanfics. The story of Ultima is basically about a group of cartoon heroes called the Society , who join forces from their universes to battle the evil Organization , which is composed of all cartoon villains. The battle between these two sides take place in the dystopian ruins of the real world around twenty years in the future. The longest running story, Ultima: the Crossing of Universes is the main centerpiece of the series, it starring one boy from the real world named Nick along some other friends of his as they get brought in to this world and help the Society fight with the mystic and legendary power of the Ultimaweapons. To read the stories yourself, follow this link.

NickTheUltimaswordWielder has decided to quite writing FanFiction altogether. Ultima is currently under the ownership of Crossover4 and his team.

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