The Ultima Anima Saga was to be the second String of stories to be written for Ultima. Unlike the original, each of the stories, focuses on a different Anime/Manga/Light Novel.

Although most of the worlds are invaded by the Org and their Army, the stories are planned to be a lot different then the first string.

Each storie's plot was planned to be different from the last. Although four were planned to have similar opennings, each one involving one of the Four Loser Teams.

Aside from Anime and Manga, various Japanese games are also planned to be portrayed.

The stoires are to be written by the author TemhotaTech.

Despite Ultima's reboot, this saga will also be revamped.

Stories in Ultima AnimaEdit

(Note: Stories with articles (or high-lighted at least), will have their Fanfictions written. Stories that haven't been high-lighted are still being deicded on whether or not they should be done)

Animatrix Rebooted - One Piece, Toriko, High School DxD, Trinity Seven, Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei, Sword Art Online, Eureka Seven, Soul Eater,

A Certain Interdimensional War - To Aru Majutsu no Index

Code: Rebirth - Code Geass

Cross Ange: The War Between Worlds - Cross Ange

Disgaea Dimensions Ultima X: War across Dreams - Disgaea, Makai Kingdom, Makai Wars, Soul Nomad, Phantom Brave, Mugen Souls, Trinity Universe, Cross Edge, Sakura Wars: So Long My Love.

Dynasty Warriors Gundam War - The Gundam Saga

Epic Hina - Love Hina

Magister Magi Ultima - Negima

Reach out for the Truth - Persona 4

The Recreation Project - Touhou Project

The War for Haruhi Suzumiya - The Haruhi Suzumiya series

The World Ends Now - The World Ends With You

The World God Never Knew - The World God Only Knows

Vampire + Doom - Rosario + Vampire


Bleached Destruction - Bleach

Chibi-Disaster - Chibi-Vampire

Demon Apocalypse - Devil Survivor

Doom Stage - Vandread

Heavy Metal Wars - Highschool DxD, Wolf Children: Ame & Yuki, Hayate the Combat Butler, Nagaserete Airantou. This originally started out as it a stand alone story. TemhotaTech thought he could bring it into Ultima, but after some thought he decided not to.

Kannagi's Apocalypse - Kannagi

Lucky Doom - Lucky Star

My Mermaid Bride is Targeted! - Seto No Hanayome

Moonshift - Moonphase

One Piece: World's End - One Piece

School Destruction - School Rumble

Soul Cruncher - Soul Eater

Summer of Love - Eureka Seven

Welcome to the Society - Welcome to the NHK (TemhotaTech wasn't sure whether to do this one or not, so it's been scrapped)

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