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Two-Face features as a recurring character in Batman: the Animated Series and its successor The New Batman Adventures. He makes appearances both as pre-disfiguration Harvey Dent and as Two-Face. He also made a cameo appearance in the Justice League episode "A Better World". He is voiced in his appearances by Richard Moll.


Born and raised in Gotham, Harvey Dent was brought up in a lower-class and violent household. His father was an abusive alcoholic who repeatedly beat the boy, often using a double-headed coin to give the child a "chance" to escape a beating. Dent spent much of his early life suffering from various mental issues, notably bipolar disorder and paranoia. Despite his early hardships, he was a good student and able to obtain a law degree. Deciding that he wished to make Gotham a better place, he ran for and won the position of District Attorney in Gotham. He was noted for his dedication to justice, and his seeming untouchability. About six months after he first assumed office, Batman appeared on the scene. Far from condemning the vigilante, Dent became one of his first supporters on the side of the law. During the trial of Sal Maroni, the mobster threw acid at Dent. The acid horribly scarred half of Dent's face, and Dent soon lost his mind, descending into criminality and an obsession with duality.

Power and AbilitiesEdit

Two-Face has no exceptional personal powers or abilities. He is of average strength and fitness for a man of his age, with some skill in armed and unarmed combat; he was trained in marksmanship by Deathstroke the Terminator. He possesses above-average intelligence, especially in areas pertaining to the law, and is notable as a charismatic and persuasive speaker. He is also a capable detective. His mental faculties are hampered by his mental issues, especially his dissociated identities and his inability to make decisions without the aid of a coin toss.

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