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Tucker's is one of Danny's two best friends, having stated as being close "since forever". He's mostly helped out Danny through use of his PDA, which he uses to hack into various technological systems (Skulker's gauntlet or Technus' techno suit.). He is also a meat fanatic, his perferred choice of food (he refuses any vegetation--enough that he had diarrhea since his digestive system couldn't ingest it). Exposed to its content have caused him to develop a keen sense of smell finely attuned to it. Tucker has also shown decent aim with a crossbow and is shown to be a terrible singer, enough to release the trance Ember held over her world-wide audience. He is deathly afraid of hospitals, doctors, and nurses--as a result, he never visits the Casper High school nurse (bypassing it requires bagging his head to avoid eye contact) and snakes.

Tucker once expressed jealousy over Danny's ghost powers, wishing for ghost powers of his own and gaining them unknowingly through Desiree, the wish-granting genie ghost. Tucker's powers quickly consumed him, turning him evil, until Danny put a stop to it, eventually restoring him back to normal through the use of the Fenton Ghostcatcher.

His uncontrollable vices and yearning for attention sent Tucker to unsuccessfully try and run for school president against the popular jock, Dash Baxter. Dash Baxter usually stuffs Tucker into a locker. On a later visit to the museum on a school field trip, Tucker notices that he resembles the picture of the Egyptian pharaoh on display. Hotep-Ra, a mummy ghost and past servant of the ancient king, noticed this and hands Tucker the king's ancient scepter which possesses Tucker and allows him to create an Egyptian world with himself as ruler and the teachers and students as his servants. Danny was forced to once again rein in his over-eager best friend. In the series finale, Tucker becomes the youngest mayor of Amity Park.

Ultima roleEdit

Tucker works as a technician for the Society. A small job compared to the genusis, but still useful in the field. He often teams up with his friends Danny, and Sam.

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