Toph Bei Fong is a blind Earthbending master. She grew up in a wealthy and highly respected family, but left them behind when she agreed to teach Aang earthbending to help him fulfill his duty as the Avatar.

Despite her handicap, Toph developed special skills by keeping company with the blind, earthbending Badgermoles that inhabited nearby caves. By imitating their movements, Toph came to harness her own earthbending abilities, becoming a master in her own right; but kept her ability secret from her family and teacher. Later, Toph fought frequently in Earth Rumble, an earthbending Lei tai tournament arranged to resemble Professional Wrestling, under the alias "Blind Bandit". By the time Aang and his friends discover Toph at the tournament, she had become champion, holding a 42-0 win-loss record prior to her encounter with Aang.

In order to escape her parents' control, Toph fled secretly with Aang and his friends and volunteered herself as Aang's Earthbending instructor. Toph's defiance of authority and co-operation annoyed Katara; but the two later became close friends. It is implied in some episodes ("The Serpent's Pass" and "Sokka's Master") that Toph has a crush on Sokka; but this is never consummated.

Ultima roleEdit

Toph appeared along with other Aang's friends to help Nicks to find the Chaos emerald.

Toph also added her appearence to be more punks rebel( even her friends don't know what that mean)

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