The Toilenator is a member of the Organization and an enemy of the Kids Next Door.

Canon BioEdit

The Toiletnator is a pathetically weak and incompetent (being considered the lamest villain in the KND world and see him as absolutely no threat at all.) Toilet-themed super villain who is disregarded as a threat by the KND and considered an embarrassment and liability by other villains, in part due to his ridiculous (even by KND villain standards) motif. He possesses the power to control toilets and shoot toilet paper from his arms, which on occasion has actually been shown to be somewhat effective.

Despite his ineptitude and bad reputation,, the Toiletnator desperately wishes to be respected as a villain and is overly enthusiastic about his "job". While most other villains have some discernible purpose or motive and are often themed around things that children typically hate, the Toiletnator is very much a "card-carrying villain", lacking a rational motive and seemingly wants to destroy the KND for the purpose of being a super villain in and of itself. His real name is "Lou", a pun on an English term for going to the bathroom.

Appearance in UltimaEdit

The Toilenator has always been seen a very lame villain through many of the villains' eyes. In Villain Interviews, his incompetence was apparent even before then. And yet, they still allowed him to join.

In the Sucky Alliance , he joins forces with Zim, Control Freak, Kilgore, and the Box Ghost to form their own little group.

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