"Titanic Titans" is the sixth chapter in The Crossing of Universes and the sixth chapter in the Beginning Arc


Nick is currently having trouble taking in the fact that he is related to a very important person. Eventually, Spongebob helps to cheer him up, but not long before they realize they are in Hades' Underworld. After a battle against three different kinds of monsters, Hades arrives and reveals he has captured Jimmy Neutron and Dexter and will destroy them unless Nick surrenders the Ultimasword. When Nick reluctantly agrees, it was revealed the whole thing was a trick and that the two boy geniuses are just fine. Once escorted out to Greece, Nick reveals that he made a fake replica of the sword while Hades wasn't looking. When the lord of the Underworld finds out, he and Maleficent attack. However, they are rescued by Hercules and his friends who take them to see Zeus . Zeus reveals to have been keeping the Ultimastaff safe all this time and decides to let Spongebob hold it. After some practice with the staff under Philoctetes's supervision, Hades returns and takes the Ultimastaff away. With it, Hades revives the Titans who easily defeat Nick and the others. But Spongebob remains free and uses all of his training to defeat the Titans and Hades. In the end, Jimmy contacts Nick telling him where the next Ultimaweapon is.









Ice Titan

Lava Titan




Philoctetes (Phil)

Rock Titan

Wind Titan


Jimmy Neutron: Boy GeniusEdit

Jimmy Neutron

Sleeping BeautyEdit


Spongebob SquarepantsEdit

Spongebob Squarepants

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