A Titan is the Org's most powerful weapon!

A Titan is a 2000 foot tall robot, completely armored, and equipped with a variety of weaponry, such as small laser cannons, plasma cannons, ion cannons, missile launchers, laser claws, and Nuke launchers. Titans are almost unstoppable, and the worst part (yes, it gets worst) they're never deployed alone, they are always deployed in groups! Three being the smallest!

Another feature of the Titans if their ability to shrink. This is accomplished by using "Pym Particles". While this does sound like it weakens the machine, it is actually the opposite that happens. While Titans are covered in thick armor, there are some weak points around the arm and legs joints. And the armor isn't completely indestructible and is only three layers of it.Once it's cracked the Titan is vulnerable.

The Shrinking capabilities do not remove these weaknesses, but because the Pym Particles allows the Titan to retain it's original strength and speed as if it were normal size, these weak points are even harder to hit, making the Titan nearly invincible.

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