Tighten is one of few the Org's muscle team, who still grudgly trying to destroy Megamind for humiliated him.

Canon bioEdit

Hal Stewart was Roxanne Ritchi's cameraman with an obsessive crush on her. Hal appears to live an unhappy life in a small apartment with the mindset of an immature college student. His constant misfortune and inability to earn people's respect and affection cause him to despise life.

Tighten goes to Roxanne and attempts to woo her, but his recklessness and inability to use his power properly causes her to nearly be killed a number of times. After revealing who he is to her, Hal is spurned by Roxanne. Upon later seeing her dating Bernard, who is actually Megamind, Hal gives up on being a hero and decides to use his powers for personal gain. Megamind goes along with his plan to face Tighten but when he never shows up and arrives at his apartment to find him playing videogames, Megamind also sees he has stolen several objects and wishes to become a villain. Disgusted, Megamind reveals to Tighten that he's been tricking him as well as being the man Roxanne dated, causing their battle to go along and Tighten saving the day, as Megamind hoped. However, unlike Metro Man, Tighten has no problem outright trying to kill Megamind, forcing him to flee. Megamind uses a copper sphere, having learned it is Metro Man's weakness on Tighten, but it has no affect, being the first clue Metro Man is alive. Once Megamind flees, the citizens of Metro City congratulate Tighten until he reveals his own evil intentions of domination.

Tighten kidnaps Roxanne, forcing Megamind out of hiding. Disguising himself and Metro Man, Megamind manages to scare Tighten out of the city and reveal himself to the city. However, Tighten finds out he was tricked when "Metro Man" mispronounces the city as "metrocity" something only Megamind does. After finding the device that gave Tighten his powers, Megamind uses it in reverse to take them away.

As Megamind becomes the city's new hero and Roxanne's boyfriend, Hal is thrown into Megamind's former cell.

Appearence in UltimaEdit

while not yet to be appear in Ultima, Hal somehow got his power back by the help of Syndrome, whom need his help to even the odds on fighting Mr. Incredibles and his family. He is also few of the Orgs most powerful villains that to fight even more powerful heroes in Society.

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