The Ultimaweapons are ancient and incredibly powerful objects, created ages ago. Their origin is theorised to be related to the Dark King.

The WeaponsEdit

The Ultimasword: Nick's Ultimaweapon, the Sword, is currently one of the most powerful weapons, since it has multiple abilities, such as teleportation, opening dimensional gates, conjuring clones, healing, and also reality-bending, all from a glowing gear-relic that is empowered by the user's will.

The Ultimasword sports two mechanical transformative functions. Wielders can activate The Sword's Blaster mode; a shotgun-sword hybrid that can fire powerful blasts, or split the blade into dual-ends. When split, it emits a vibrant orangery-yellow wavelength that increases the wielder's speed, endurance and agility.


super mode

Finally, the sword has a Super-Mode, activated when it's user has full mental focus and concentration, causing the gear spin faster and it's light to become brighter. The wielder is then covered in a strong, energetic aura, the sword further strengthened.

The Ultimashield: An unbreakable, impenetrable weapon of defense used by Patrick Star, it houses some mystical properties similar to the Ultimasword, yet still holding other hidden abilities yet to be seen.

The Ultimastaff: The Ultimaweapon of Spongebob Squarepants, the Ultimastaff is an enchanted, magical artifact which allows it's user to become the finest and most powerful mage ever seen, commanding the elements, and even some of the spiritual essence present to it's wielder to match.

The Staff also possesses mechanism that when triggered, activates it's gun calibration for longer ranged attacks.

The Ultimabows: Taking the form of a gunbow, this pair of Ultimaweapons arming Angela and Oliver can shoot projectiles ranging from energy-arrows to a single Superblast-Blow. While their mystical properties are limited, they are still powerful enough to decimate an entire army.


super mode

The Ultimawhip:
The Whip is called to have powers similar to the Ultimasword, but is difficult for users to achive teleportation due to it's slender and wave-like form.

It also has it's own Super-Mode, allowing users like Sadie to be faster than light, even reality itself, then unleashing a devastating explosion when suddenly reappearing.

The Ultimaspear: the spear has the ability to shape-shift its head to any head weapon, like axe, hammer, flail, hooks even firing-laser, also has mystical property, such Healing factor, Gate-opener and massive power blow.

The Ultimabombs

The Ultimagauntlets : the gauntlet has tremendous yet dangerous ability to cause earthquake, alter gravity, creating pillar of earth and even reverse or bending time itself in short while, it also has mystical proper including Healing factor.

The Ultimaclaws: the claw's power can rip open space/time zone including teleport hole that the user create.

The Ultimahammer: the Hammer is contain most of devastating property to any whom challenged it, despite its limited mystical ability, it's still has powerful yet deadlier blow to degraded in long large area.

Its mechanical can turn into a cannon which in long ranging it's quite devastating enough to the enemy, it also hint it has super-mode that yet to seen.

The Ultimaxe : the Axe has Psychic and telekinetic ability that powerful enough to lift a skyscraper building if the user has powerful mind

The Ultimace

The Ultimascythe: the scythe contain most powerful-yet deadliest even surpass the Ultimasword itself, it has the ability to bend or create reality of randomize attacks when the user imagine in some way,


the death ultima

it has also Super mode which can turn her weapon to split 2 form of blade that evenly powerful that it the first form.

The form made appearance it's trigger by the wielder's rage and some of the Org member told that were a wielder before the current one took place and it also say it almost destroy Organization itself


The Ultima-Gem


Ulticyte: According to the Geniuse's research, this is the material the Ultima Weapons are made of. Research also shows that the mineral is long gone. Some say also that the mineral was original made from the clashing dimensional storms, and raging spatial lightning waves, crashing into each other ultimately leading to the creation or the destruction of a parallel world or another, dispersing the fragmented pieces across various dimensions, yet landed through both physical and astral plane that do need a very special dimensional device or mentality to even find a ton of load

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