The Soothsayer is an elderly goat who was once was Shen's nanny who foretold Shen's doom, the Soothsayer has a strange relationship with the peacock.

She also knows what Lord Shen did to Po's village and helps him to stop fighting his memories and achieve inner peace. Her extraordinary gift of second sight gives her insight in the true nature of any and all that she encounters. She is also shown to be an extremely skilled healer. She openly antagonizes him and bites/eats his robes several times, but obviously cares for him. As Lord Shen gradually sinks into madness, she continuously tries to get him to change and reform, telling him that his parents loved him and that they died from grief when he left, while he declares that they wronged him and hated him.

The Soothsayer was present upon Lord Shen's return where he used his cannon to kill Master Thundering Rhino, had Master Storming Ox and Master Croc imprisoned, and even took the Soothsayer with him as his prisoner.

He seems to want her to admit that she was wrong, but does not harm her in any way. When he sets out to conquer China, he tells his guards to release her, not kill her.

The Soothsayer later saves Po's life with acupuncture when she finds him in the river. When he refuses to drink her herbal mixture, she presses his pressure points and forces him to open his mouth and swallow.

After Lord Shen and his armies are defeated, the Soothsayer is last seen enjoying the fireworks with the Gongmen City residents.

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