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Scout Strike Team GO!

The Society Scouts consist of the Society's most well trained special-ops heroes. Much like the Sentinels, the Scouts consist of a wide variety of heroes from different worlds. The only difference is that most of the scouts are much more experienced at fighting and have been battling villains even before their world was destroyed. Some of them even tutor the students at the Sentinel Academy. The Scouts are a unique group because they are not usually staying in the same place. They do stop by the Safe House at times to relax, but other times, they are setting up encampments all over the land or even in other worlds. The missions Scout's get are hardly ever easy, but somehow, they manage to pull through making them some of the most incredible group in the Society.


/Society Scout history and story by NickTheUltimaSwordWielder coming soon./

Confirmed ScoutsEdit

Gargoyles Edit

The Penguins of Madagascar Edit

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Edit

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