830px-The Skeksis

The Skeksis Lords

When the Crystal cracked, one of the two races resulting from the split were the evil Skeksis, embodiments of the evil inside the UrSkeks. Possessing all of the negative attributes of society, and none of the positive ones, they live out a superficial existence of intrigue and plots against each other while struggling to retain their grip on Thra. They keep essence-drained Podlings as slaves, have their own personal army in the Garthim, and absolutely despise Gelflings, a race they think they have completely exterminated. There were originally eighteen Skeksis, but by the time of the Great Conjunction when they rejoined the Mystics, only eight remained. Skeksis is both singular and plural, but the plural form is pronounced 'Skek-sees'.


As mentioned above, eighteen Skeksis existed to begin with; being formed from the evil sides of the Urskeks. Eight had died by the events of The Dark Crystal, with another two perishing during the events of the film.

The ten Skeksis who were alive during the events of the film were:

The prequel series Legends of the Dark Crystal showed four more Skekis in addition to the ten listed above. This leaves four Skeksis whose names and titles remain unknown.

Role in UltimaEdit

Although the Skeksis were all eventually reformed back into the UrSkeks, the Mad Doctor was able to find the Crystal of Light, break off a small piece so as not to change it back into the Dark Crystal, then used the Shadow Blot's dark ink to create Heartless copies of the Skeksis lords. Nowadays, the Skeksis serve as the Shadow Blot's elite council in the Circle of the Blot.

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