It's not just sentient life forms that lose their homes to the Organization. Many animal and plant life becomes extinct with each world destroyed.

Fortunately the Society Generals commissioned a project to preserve many different species of fauna and flora, The Garden of Life.

The Garden of Life is a series of man-made planetoids capable of providing for billions of different species. The Garden was originally a dead Solar system, but thanks to acquired terraforming technology, the Society has managed to make each world habitable. 

The existance of the Garden of Life is kept secret, and only high-ranking Society members, including the generals, and many heroes know about.

The GardenEdit

The Garden is a series of terraformed planets, and planetoids. Each body has been transformed into a variety of different enviornments.

Aside from preserving species, the Garden can also be used to store a wide variety of beasts the Society may encounter during travels to other worlds.

Known HabitatsEdit

Gourmet WorldEdit

Although the world of Toriko is still around, the Generals thought it be best to move most of the flora and fauna here just to be on the safe side. Sizable populations have been established, and Bishokuya, with special permits are allowed to hunt here, under very strict rules.

Known SpeciesEdit

Salamander Sphinx

Regal Mammoth

Troll Kong

Galala Gator





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