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Unlike the first two villain factions, this group actually believes it's doing the right thing.

The Conquerer Armada is a powerful faction lead by a much nobler incarnation of Kang the Conquerer. It's long term goal is to conquer the various dimensions that have been touched by the Organization's influence.

Unfortunately for this faction, it split apart when it's two forward assault commanders commandeered the robots that made up more than 90% of the army, and went on an omnicidal rampage.

Currently the Conquerer Armada is trying to put itself back together.


Kang the Conquerer

Lord Vyce


Scarlet Centurion


Assassin (Gargoyles)

Dinobot II

Egreog Sacul


Darkwarrior Duck


Blizzard II

Radioactive Man


Dragon Man


Currently RogueEdit

Peri & Entrée


Doom Phantom

Wicked Lady


Peri & Entrée's Robot Army (Currently under Peri & Entree's control)

Kang's Guard

Murloc Militias

The Siphons

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