The Betty Clones are three once-evil identical clones of Atomic Betty that were created by Maximus from genetic material in a piece of hair that he had sliced off with his laser sword during a duel. The clones look identical to Betty in every way, shape, and form, except for the eye colors, and are dressed in colour-coded mockups of the Galactic Guardian uniform. In addition to Betty's DNA, they also have genetic material from being from Maximus' homeworld to augment their abilities, giving them unique superpowers the real Betty does not possess. Clone Betty 1 (the red clone) powers come from Optica, the Fire Witch, giving her the ability to fly and use pyrokinesis; The powers of Clone Betty 2 (the yellow clone) come from Destructa, the Rock Princess, allowing her to morph into a larger form with rock-like skin and superhuman strength. Clone Betty 3 (the blue clone) gained the power of Roxanne, the Rubber Woman, giving her the power of stretching her body like rubber. [None of the doners of the other part of their genetic code have been seen.]

In "The Trouble with Triplets", Maximus used them to commit crimes and frame the real Betty. In its sequel "The Cheerleaders of Doom", they became cheerleaders and gained the power to use their cheers to hypnotize people to do their bidding in which Maximus calls them his Sirens. They used their powers to steal the blueprints of Galactic Guardian HQ and tried to destroy it, but Betty and her team managed to figure out a way to reverse and duplicate their Cheerleading powers and used them to make the clones speak gibberish, thus rendering their cheerleading powers useless. The Betty Clones reappeared in the season three episode "The Way of the Weiner" to kidnap Spindly Tam for Maximus, at the end of the episode, X-5 rewired the three girls to be kind and act like the real Betty. Since then, they have been passed off as Betty's identical-looking "cousins" from Calgary.

The powers of the Betty Clones are a tribute to the three male members of the Fantastic Four: Clone Betty 1 (and Optica) as the Human Torch, Clone Betty 2 (and Destructa) as the Thing, and Clone Betty 3 (and Roxanne) to Reed Richards.

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