Top: Screaming Mantis Left (in Order): Laughing Octopus, Raging Raven, and Crying Wolf.

The Beauty and the Beast Unit, also known as the BB Corps, are a group of female soldiers who once commanded the private military forces of the PMC Outer Heaven. All four members were given special suits to turn them into inredible comatants, after each had suffered from intense Post Traumatic Stress Disorder caused by the horrors of war.


Laughing OctopusEdit

Raging RavenEdit

Crying WolfEdit

Screaming MantisEdit

Role in UltimaEdit

All four original beauties are currently in the possession of the Org. Each has been cloned multiple times and each clone has been given an exact copy of the original suits. This is called Project Beautiful Beast, an special branch of the army composed entirely of BB clones. The clones are much more ferocious then the originals.

The originals are kept in special chambers to keep them calm, and harvest their DNA. And alive.

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