The Acolytes (2)

The Acolytes

The fourth group of Antagonists to appear. Just like Kang's faction, and unlike the Organization and The Circle of the Blot (which are clearly evil) this group believes it is doing the right thing.

It is mostly comprised of the mutants of the various Marvel universes, as well as a few antivillains from the DC and Non-disney universes.

The Mutants that are of the Bestiary Lore, have no relations with this group, since they are far too feral, and even less human then they are.

Originally, most of the Acolytes, mainly Magneto, Sabretooth, and Omega Red, used to be part of the Organization, but after Magneto realized what they were planning to do, he cut all ties to them and formed his own team of mutants to counteract against them. This took place right after the battle between Wolverine and Shredder and the HYDRA forces.

Members of the Acolytes include:

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