Temutai is the Warrior-King of the Qidan Clan. He has claimed to have beaten every Kung Fu Master in the land. Master Tigress mentioned that his Kung Fu was strong enough to rip his opponents in half without even touching them.

He first appeared in "The Princess and the Po" where Po, Master Tigress, and Master Mantis had to bring Princess Mei Li to him in order to achieve peace between the Qidan Clan and Princess Mei Li's kingdom. Once a princess is given to Temutai, they end up becoming his servants. When Po didn't want Temutai to get Princess Mei Li, he offered to challenge him to a fight to determine the fate of Princess Mei Li. When none of Po's moves can phase Temutai, Po gets an idea from Princess Mei Li and uses the same moves that she used on him to take down Temutai. Temutai admitted defeat and ensured peace between Mei Li's people and the Qidan. As a last act, he had rice-balls prepared for Po and the others when they left as per their request.

In "Owl Be Back," Po found Temutai and his warriors fighting the Furious Five in the Jade Palace. This time, Po was fast enough to evade Temutai's attacks. Po manages to use a technique (previously used by Fenghuang) to sent Temutai flying into the mountainside. Temutai shouted to Po to declare that fight a draw.

In "The Kung Fu Kid," Temutai and his Qidan Clan are invited to a Peace Jubilee. Temutai enters his nephew Jing Mei into the children Kung Fu competition where he fights a Kung Fu prodigy named Peng. Temutai was not pleased that his nephew was defeated by Peng. Temutai wants to have Peng to train with the Qidan Clan opposed to Po wanting Peng to train at the Jade Palace. Po's argument with Temutai ends up disrupting the Peace Jubilee causing Master Shifu to break it up. Temutai gets angered at the fact that Peng wants to train with Po. After Po tells Peng that he is no longer needed, Peng decides to prove himself by destroying Temutai. Peng ends up fighting Temutai until Po arrived where their fight ends up causing the crowd to get out of control. Po manages to break up the fight upon telling Peng the truth. Po then does the ceremonial Tai Chi with Peng and Temutai.

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