Pseudoroid bosses

Top: ChronoForce, Queenbee Bottom: Rospark, Hedgeshock, Vulturon, Buckfire, and Argoyle & Ugoyle.

The Temermojyu are an elite Org Unit, composed of various bosses from the Megaman series, Solely bosses from Zero, ZX, and Possibly updated versions of X and Star Force. There are also custom models present.

There are 126 Temermojyu currently present.


Hivolt the RaptoroidEdit

Lurerre the AbysroidEdit

Fistleo the PredatoroidEdit

Purprill the MandroidEdit

Hurricaune the WolveroidEdit

Leganchor the GelroidEdit

Flammole the MoleroidEdit

Protectos the GoreroidEdit

Buckfire the GaxelleroidEdit

Chronoforce the XiphosuroidEdit

Rospark the FloroidEdit

Argoyle and Ugoyle the ShisaroidsEdit

Queenbee the HymenopteroidEdit

Hedgeshock the ErinaceroidEdit

Vulturon the CondoroidEdit

Bifrost the CrocoroidEdit

Aztec FalconEdit

Maha GaneshariffEdit

Anubis Necromancess IIIEdit

Blizzack StaggroffEdit


Herculious AnchortusEdit

Hyleg OurobockleEdit

Panter FlauclawsEdit

Phoenix MagnionEdit

Poler KamrousEdit

Kuwagust AnchusEdit

Burble HekelotEdit

Blazin' FlizardEdit

Childre InarabittaEdit

Hellbat SchiltEdit

Deathtanz MantiskEdit

Glacier Le CactankEdit

Volteel BiblioEdit

Cubit FoxtarEdit

Tretista KelverianEdit

Fenri LunaedgeEdit

Heat GenblemEdit

Mino MagnusEdit

Noble MandragoEdit

Pegasolta EclairEdit

Popla CocapetriEdit

Sol TitanionEdit

Tech KrakenEdit

Role In UltimaEdit

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