Stewie Griffin is a maniacal, superknowledgeable infant Although starting off as a stereotypical mad scientist and would-be-killer of his own mother he gradually progressed into a more morally ambigious antihero.

Stewie originally had two goals in life: to kill his mother, Lois Griffin, and world domination - however as the show progressed Stewie's desire for world domination lessened and he became more of an antihero, prone to mocking others for his own amusement but no longer hosting the obsession with matricide or conquest as he did in his earlier appearances.

Ultima roleEdit

Stewie take his role as a mole on the Society for the Org's info intel, while his cover still intact, he fell to show some paranoid fear that his act is already known by someone more powerfull between Batman, Optimus Prime or even Madagascar penguin leader, Skipper, hidden inside the Society, waiting for him to make a mistake.

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