Spud adjk

Arthur P. Spudinski is the best friend of Jake Long and Trixie Carter. He is extremely loyal, and will do anything to help them. Although apparently slow-witted, he often comes up with intelligent things to say at random times, much like the Scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz. He's actually a genius, but tries to hide it, as shown in "A Befuddled Mind", in order to live an easier and carefree life. According to "Half Baked", Spud has a tremendous fear of clowns that started when he was five years old. He also has an obsession with mermaids and dreams of becoming a 'Merman'.

Ultima roleEdit

Spud is training in the Sentinel academy, while also helping out the Geniuses on the Soc's security system, due to his seemingly high intelect, despite being lazy and all.

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