Sparky is Betty's alien lieutenant and pilot, with a large nose, green skin, and blue hair. Although he is sometimes reckless, and often more interested in eating, surfing, or girls than the mission he is on, he is nevertheless very loyal to Betty and endeavors to do his best at all times. Also, despite his immaturity that he expresses in his quarreling with fellow crew member, X-5, he is shown throughout the early series to be a very skilled pilot and combatant.

With Galactic Guardian headquarters moved to Moose Jaw Heights following the events of "No Space Like Home", Sparky has an increased presence in Betty's personal life; he is a classmate of Betty purported to hail from Saskatoon. However, with more situations taking place on Earth, he has rarely seen piloting a ship, and is often distracted when Betty needs his assistance.

In "Girl Power", Sparky is accidentally transformed into a girl (a blonde busty version of himself) via a magic crystal during a battle with Pontifidora. Sparky reacts positively to the transformation and even befriends Betty's new friend, Regeena (while in girl form). Sparky is later returned to normal after the crystal is destroyed. Upon returning to normal Sparky admits he didn't mind being a girl and would have preferred to remain that way by stating "and I was just getting used to that push-up bra!". Afterwords Sparky manages to pass himself off to Regeena as his girl self's brother (and tells X-5 he bought a blonde wig to play the role of his "sister" if and when it is ever needed).

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