Song is a young snow leopard who is a member of The Ladies of the Shade, a clan of bandits who steals from others while entertain them with parasol dancing.

She visited the Valley of Peace with Sue, the leader, and the twins to perform publicly and steal from the audience, but when they met Po and learned that he lives in the Jade Palace, Sue changes her plan to steal the dragon chalice, which was in the Jade Palace. Su puts Song up to the task to charm Po into allowing them to enter the Jade Palace; Song asks to "showing her around the village". Po takes Song around town, but with his child-like behavior, Song fails to charm Po and finds herself to actually like Po due to his kindness and humor. Po declares Song as the first girl he has ever been best friended with. Song wanted to tell Po that she was a bandit, but Su comes in and tells Po that they are homeless. Feeling sorry, Po offers the ladies to spend a night in the Jade Palace. As a token of their gratitude, the ladies performed a dance to Po and the Furious Five. While dancing, they stole the dragon chalice and Tigress revealed the ladies as thieves Po feels that Song has betrayed him.

When Po enters the campsite of The Ladies of the Shade, he bumps into Song and tries to apologize to him, but he does not allow her to. Eventually when Po is discovered as an intrudered, Song helps Po fight. Po accepts Song's apology and Song kisses Po on the cheek before she leaves with the clan, which she becomes the new leader.

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