Team 7 is consisted of some Society's Heavy-hitters, yet elite members, led by Danny Phantom, to answer of the call of the wild cards.


Danny Phantom: One of the founding member of the Society and an ecto-powered boy. He's quite-experienced since the first counter-attack by the Org, since he lead a band of frontliners with his sheer wit of courage and the power of his spirit blade.

Jake long: Jake act as one of defense line to block few of Org's firepower with his dragon skin and fire breath, despite his ego still abit over his head even since the Org's attempt breakout.

Juniper Lee: June has been mastered some magical lesson from high rank Society's socerers, to create a hard construct weapons from the power of her Gem wrist, able her to battle against some big brute Orgs in a way, June also been par with Jade for mystical assault support, althought, June sometime irritated to Jade due her dissappearence habit before the mission even start.

Sonic the hedgehog:

Rex Salazar: Rex is one of the big gun along with Ben, Rex can shape shift his body into a weapon that he controled throught his nanite, also he has an primary power to heal a rogue nanite on any organic subject to their normal state. He may also watching over his "on/off/middle" girlfriends, Jade Chan, due her destructive habit and sneaking off for fun, althought, he also does the same in a different way.

Ben Tennyson:

Kim Possible:

Ron Stoppable:

Kick Buttowski:

El Tigre:

Jade Chan: Jade is one of agiled mystical user due to her amulet talisman around her neck to give her numerous power ability of the zodiac animals. Her appearence may be an 16 year old due to the timeline disruption wave but her personality of a mischievious brat somehow intact a little due to teenaged puberty while been forced to wise up to pair with June who is reluctantly younger but more maturely. Also both girls can make a powerful team player with their magical artillery power.

Johnny Test:

Dudley Puppy:

Kitty Katswell:

Timmy Turner:

Wayne: The Ultimabomb wielder is not only accepted to join up for the thrill and fun of battle, but for the safety of his friends and the only family he had now, he maybe green in harsh yet intense battle, but he willingly to threw some ball of his own bomb to lend his teammate's some helping hand and for the mission they gave him.


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