Skulker is a bounty hunter whom want nothing more than to catch his prize trophy of the ghost boy, Danny Phantom, he also few Lieutenant that control few ghost army and Grunts for the leader's reasonal purpose

Canon bioEdit

He is the predator ghost hunter who hunts down rare and unique things, and sets his sights eventually on Danny. Skulker is a small ghost blob who wears a large battle suit.

A rather confident ghost, Skulker is persistent and determined in his quest to hunt down rare ghosts for his growing collection, one of which being Danny himself. Because of that, Skulker has become one of Danny's frequent enemies. A hunter to the very core, Skulker enjoys a good hunt and a good prey, so much that he would often offer his targets a beginning "headstart" just so he could relish the hunt even longer.

Knowledgeable in the ways of the hunt and often blunt (he has a habit of calling Danny "whelp" or "ghost child"), Skulker at rare times has a bit of a lighthearted side (enjoying Danny's compliment on his new weapon in "Bitter Reunions" for example), and should the issue ever arises, he easily teams up with Danny to fight together, usually on a much bigger threat. He also seems to possess good leadership qualities, having rounded up numerous ghosts many times throughout the series.

Skulker has ghost powers (invisibility, flight, intagibility, and overshadowing). As evidenced in Micro-Management, however, he doesn't really rely on them, preferring instead to use the various weaponry embedded in his suit, however he is shown to go invisible and intangible a lot, and even though he can fly he uses a jet pack on his suit.

His one weakness is that he is just a tiny ghost with a squeeky voice in a robotic suit. The suit itself is also easy to hack into by means of devices like PDAs, and when the suit is compromised, like in "One of a Kind" or "Micro Management", Skulker is left helpless.

Appearence in UltimaEdit

Skulker was involved on Vlad Plasmius's plans of destructions on Danny's World. Skulker also had fought so many heroes from other worlds even the Ultimawielder, Skulker more often hunt more the Society member in hoping to drag and catch the ghost boy, but always failing occasionaly.

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