Shego is perhaps Kim's most dangerous enemy and Dr. Drakken's sidekick. She's wanted in several countries (11 as noted by Wade when he was giving Kim background information on her the first time Kim and Shego meet). She wears a green and black jumpsuit and is highly skilled in martial arts.

Canon BioEdit

Shego used to be a superhero alongside her brothers. All of them were hit by a mysterious multi-colored meteor when they were younger that gave them each superpowers and a special glow. Shego's glow is green and is emitted through her hands. It can burn, melt, and even cut through the strongest of metals.

Most of Shego and Kim's confrontations result in hand to hand combat. She constantly taunts Kim about her lack of fashion sense or whatever else she can think of. She also taunts Kim about her youth, addressing her by childish nicknames such as "Kimmie," "Princess," "Cupcake," and "Pumpkin."

Shego also has a degree in child development, revealed in "Stop Team Go" when she was a substitute teacher for Kim and Ron's class, having been temporarily turned good. At that time, she and Kim actually ended up becoming friends. Even though they are sworn enemies, Shego has seemed to occasionally care about Kim. She has saved Kim's life twice, claiming that she is the only one allowed to destroy her, although in both cases she personally disliked Kim's opponent. In the series finale, Shego teams up with Kim, Ron, and Drakken to save the world. It's hinted in that same episode that she and Drakken become romantically involved.

Role in UltimaEdit

Shego, alongside Drakken, act as the main villain in Kim Possible Cataclysm, but remains dead for most of the story after the first confrontation. When she's alive again, she battles Kim, in her battle suit no less, and defeats her. Before killing her though, Shego was ordered by Drakken to stand down and let Kim suffer, abliging without snark for once because it is truly cruel towards Kim.

She appears in other Ultima stories alongside Drakken, fighting for him as usual.

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