Long time ago, it was stated that Scorpion was once the Valley of Peace's best healer. One day, she stumbled upon a hypnosis potion and injected herself with it, turning her evil. She had the villagers under her spell until it was broken by Grand Master Oogway. Scorpion was exiled from the Valley of Peace, but stole the last Sun Orchid (which can be made into a tea as a cure for River Fever). Many years later, Scorpion discovers Po and Monkey in her lair looking for the Sun Orchid in order to cure Tigress' River Fever. She manages to capture Monkey and sting him with her hypnosis potion and then sent him to destroy Po. Upon making it into Scorpion's lair, Po tries to get in as Scorpion ends up throwing Monkey a sword. Po soon discovers that Monkey is under Scorpion's control. When Monkey comes into Scorpion's lair with an apparently defeated Po, Scorpion discovers that Po faked his death and broke her control over Monkey. Scorpion ends up attacking them and tries to sting Monkey until Po grabs her tail. Po and Monkey managed to send Scorpion into the wall tail first, trap Scorpion with their trick sneezes, and claim the Sun Orchid.

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