Sartana (Spanish Name: Sartana de los Muertos) is the most powerful and evil Super Villain of the El Tigre series. Her past is unknown, it is only known that she is the most feared being in Miracle City.

In addition to being extraordinarily powerful, Sartana also had a deceptive nature, almost compulsively manipulating others to her will. This was illustrated first in the episode The Ballad of Frida Suárez, where she tricked Frida into starting a concert, a clever plot to capture most of Miracle City's citizens. Her trickery was further explored in The Good, The Bad, The El Tigre when she held a tournament under the Miracle City volcano to choose her successor before retiring. It is discovered near the end of the episode that it was an elaborate ploy to remove Sartana's competition, destroy the Riveras, and corrupt El Tigre. Ultimately, she was destroyed (accidently, of course) by her grandson, Django of the Dead.

Sartana of the Dead possessed an artifact of power, known simply as golden Guitar of doom. Strumming the guitar produces several effects, but those most seen were the firing of energy blasts and raising skeleton banditos. It is observed several times that the guitar was Sartana's life line; the destruction of the guitar resulted in Saratana dissipating. This doesn't seem to be a permanent fix, however. No matter how many times Sartana was destroyed, she was able to be resurrected. It is therefore possible that she was, for all intents and purposes, immortal.

Sartana would appear to be inspired by the Mexican tradition of Dia de los Muertos, where decorated skulls and skeletons are used during the festival to remember loved ones and ancestors.

Ultima roleEdit

Sartana, along with Hades is responsible for ressurrecting long dead villains to make and to keep the group intact.

She is also slated to be in Pairings where she forms a romantic relationship with Hades.

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