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Sari Sumdac, the technorganic daughter of robotics genius Isaac Sumdac, used to not get out much. She spent all her time within her father's laboratories, receiving her education from robots. Despite this, she doesn't seem like a shut-in. She's curious, excitable, adventurous, and knows that crying can sometimes get her what she wants. She's just never known what it's like to be around other kids. Fortunately, she has Bumblebee and Bulkhead to help with that, and she claims that 'Bee is the best friend she's ever had. In fact, she's become very possessive of all her robotic friends.

It was believed that Sari was a normal human, until it was revealed that she was made from a protoform and her father's DNA. Hence, the AllSpark viewed her with great regard, bestowing upon her a key with miraculous powers (though her guardian, the robotic dog Sparkplug, thought it was just another chew toy).

Since discovering her true origin, she has absorbed the power of her AllSpark-powered Key to gain incredible Cybertronian powers and abilities such as enhanced strength, speed, and the ability to create destructive spheres of pure white, glowing energy with her hands, as well as the power and ability to transform into an armored form with several technological weapons (most of which Ratchet was forced to seal away after she proved unable to control them). She also owns a scooter which can transform into a jet pack.

Sari's origins are shrouded in mystery. She came into existence when a Cybertronian protoform appeared in Isaac Sumdac's laboratory. The baffled scientist reached out to touch the small, liquid metal creature, and received an electric shock that knocked him unconscious. When he awoke, the protoform had scanned his DNA and reconfigured into a techno-organic creature that appeared to be a human baby. Sumdac "adopted" the robot child and named it "Sari", and raised it as his own daughter over the next eight years. Understandably, Sumdac was reluctant to let Sari out into the world, and instead kept her mostly confined to Sumdac Tower, educating her with robot tutors and creating robotic companions like her pet Sparkplug to keep her company. TransWarped Precisely how the protoform that became Sari appeared in Sumdac's lab is unknown; Sari herself seems to believe that she was one of the protoforms stolen from the Cyber-Ninja Corps by Lockdown millions of years ago and stored aboard the Nemesis, but given that those protoforms were blanks, and that it was a different size and shape to all the other protoforms seen, this seems unlikely.

Appearance in UltimaEdit

Sari somehow worked in other group which not in any division on the Society, but still fight for good , a group which deeper and far dangerous mission that no heroes ever took upon, She still managed to make contact of a certain Autobot to check her whereabout.

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