Sabrina is a half witch–half mortal that won't become magically empowered until she's sixteen, but she is able to borrow spells from her aunts Hilda and Zelda using a magical "Spooky Jar", which she often does. However, she usually finds that her meddling turns situations from bad to worse. Her friend Chloe is aware of Sabrina's magic but Harvey Kinkle, another friend and her romantic interest, isn't. She is secretly in love with Harvey and wants one day to marry him. When she casts a spell the magic produced is pink and yellow

Ultima RoleEdit

Sabrina is one of magic user expert that been recruited by another Society group led by Betty Barrett.

She is also good friend with Rose, and it's unknown yet that Sabrina and Jake long still in relationship.

Ultima battle suited sabrina by frame10-d4l0o00

She outfitted with a fitted battle mage outfit with and an booster-powered magic broomstick

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