White pantera

Rodolfo Rivera is Manny's father and Puma Loco's son. Pantera can refer to a panther or any member of the panthera genus of cats. He is semi-retired, but has about as much trouble giving up being White Pantera as his father has giving up being Puma Loco (he never removes his magic boots, even when asleep, and only seems to take his mask off to do laundry and shave). Although he often holds a heroic and noble stature, he is easily excited, and tends to get childlike (such as waving his hands and giggling). Opposite of his father, Rodolfo wishes for Manny to become a hero. Although his father is a supervillain, he doesn't seem to hold it against him at all. Even if their views are different, the most he seems to ever do is give Grandpapi a scolding look (which, many times, will cause Grandpapi to back down). He is still in love with his ex-wife Maria; every time he is around her, he flirts with her. He even went as far as to hang a large painting of Maria and is said to have dinner with it every night (though he claims he put it there to "cover a hole"). His source of power are his Bronze Boots of Truth, which give him superhuman speed and strength and make anyone who touches the sole of the boots have to tell the truth. Rodolfo likes grapefruits and is allergic to jug band music (how he could be allergic to music, though, remains to be seen).

Appearance in UltimaEdit

White pantera along with his son is Society Defense team with the objections to protect the home front, mainly the Safe House. He still maintain his superhero duty and ego to cope whatever challenge or world he come upon including his family who supported him.

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