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Robo-Betty is a robotic clone of Betty created by Sparky, who had assembled it from a mail-in kit. She was originally sent by Sparky to cover for Betty at home when Betty herself was on an adventure. However, almost immediately, Betty discovers this and recalls her as she and her crew was captured by Maximus. Robo-Betty manages to free Betty and her crew, but when the object of her mission, Captain Lure, was revealed to be a robot carrying a bomb, Robo-Betty attempts to remove Captain Lure by pushing it out of the ship and into space. However, Lure had managed to hold on to Robo-Betty, removing her from the ship as well, and both were presumed to be destroyed in space when Lure had detonated. In reality, she had survived the explosion, and drifted the galaxy before landing on Crushton, where she was repaired by B-1. When, on another mission, Betty is forced to repair her heavily-damaged ship in Crushton from being repeatedly battered by a super-powered Maximus, Robo-Betty resurfaces to defeat Maximus. Robo-Betty would reappear in "Rodeo Robots", where she was controlled by the villain Dr. Cerebral using an old remote control he had discovered on Crushton. However, Betty and B-1 had managed to break Cerebral's control of her.

Robo-Betty is identical in appearance to Betty, though in earlier seasons, her eyes would occasionally glow red and her appearance would occasionally expose the robot underneath, to differentiate her from the real Betty. In Mission: Earth, her eyes have gained a permanent red color, partly as a result due to having been rebuilt by B-1.

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