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Po is a panda who admire kung fu that eventually brought him to become the Dragon Warriors and one of few Society's most variable fighter to date

Canon bioEdit

Po was born in a remote farming village populated entirely by pandas (as revealed in Kung Fu Panda 2). There, he grew up happily with his biological mother and father. But one day, the village was invaded by an evil, power-hungry peacock named Lord Shen, who sought to avert a prophecy by eliminating any threat to his rule. As his wolf followers slaughtered the pandas and destroyed the village, Po's mother fled with her son in an attempt to save him, while his father stayed behind to try and fight them off. As the wolves quickly started to close in on her, Po's mother managed to temporarily elude the wolves and found a crate of radishes, which she hid her child in. Mother and son shared one final moment of farewell, and then Po began to cry as he watched his mother catch the attention of the wolves and lead them away from him, presumably sacrificing her life for her son.

The crate was eventually shipped across China to a village in the Valley of Peace, where the owner of a noodle shop Mr. Ping found the baby panda. Placing the infant in his care and eventually realizing that no one was looking for the panda, Mr. Ping decided to raise him as his son, giving him the name "Xiao Po" (小宝).

He is an energetic, dull-witted, accident-prone, who is a die-hard fan of the Furious Five and kung fu, he becomes the Dragon Warrior a new member of the Furious Five after they accept him as a true kung fu master after he defeated Tai Lung.

Appearence in UltimaEdit

Po were fighting the Orgs with his friends and master even before The Society invited him. Po also made friends on the Safe house, namely Mulan and also fought along side with the Ultimawielder when their house were under siege.

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