Peter is apparently an immortal teen boy due to his living in Neverland and also Society scouts member for rescue missions

Canon bioEdit

Peter is a young boy who lives on the island of Never Land. He has a pixie who is his best friend and sidekick and is the current leader of the Lost Boys.

Peter was a little boy. When he first met Wendy, she tried to speak to him, but he couldn't care less. He was also depicted as caring when he realized Wendy didn't want to grow up so he decided to take her to Never land with him. Wendy's brothers Michael and John also joined the adventure. Over all, Peter Pan is a heroic character and is beloved by all his friends. The only thing Peter can't stand, however, is his friends' lives being threatened by Captain Hook.

Ten years before Sora ever came to Neverland and learned to fly with this childish hero, Peter Pan lived a life of bliss with the Lost Boys. When Terra, Ventus, and Aqua visited the world, however, everything changed. The boys and Tinker Bell learned of the outside worlds.

Peter Pan encounters Terra on Skull Rock, the Keyblade warrior tricked into thinking that Peter stole treasure from Captain Hook. Peter and Terra fight until the Lost Boys appear and clear up the misunderstanding. They are attacked by Unversed, but Terra fights them off. Later, Peter comes into contact with Ventus, who has just defeated Hook in battle and whom leaves a wooden keyblade in Peter's treasure chest so that they may remember them. Later on, Peter meets Aqua, who finds their treasure map. Peter makes Aqua the leader of the group to find their treasure, which Hook has stolen again. When Aqua finds the wooden keyblade, Peter tells her that Ven left it there. During the end credits, Peter is shown having stolen Hook's hat after recovering their treasure.

Peter Pan appears in Kingdom Hearts trying to find his friend Wendy and free her from the grip of Captain Hook. He aligns himself with Sora, Donald, and Goofy,who are in search of the King, Riku and Kairi.Claiming only doing so to find Wendy, although sympathetic to Sora, when he finally finds Wendy, he takes her to safety before returning to help Sora fight against Captain Hook and rescue a catatonic Kairi. Once the captain is defeated and the Keyhole is sealed, he asks Tinker Bell to go with Sora, making her a summon ally.

Later on, the mysterious Phantom causes trouble at the Clock Tower; in order to fight it, Peter must be in the party.

Ultima roleEdit

Peter once led on a siege on the pirate ship in space while releasing most of the captured Society. Before joining in Society, he was embark to defending his island when Maleficient order Chernabog to fused all of the Disney world into one.

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