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Pandora was Paloma's evil twin sister and is one of the twin daughters of Golgotha and the demon, Pandora looks exactly like Paloma, but with purple hair, yellow eyes, and lighter skin, she wears a green cloak and body armor. Long ago, Pandora attempted a galactic takeover, but her evil plot was squashed by the Galactic Guardians after they were tipped off by Paloma. Since then, Pandora has sought to revive her father, imprisoned in a box under the guard of Spindly Tam Kanushu. She had kidnapped Admiral DeGill, Spindly Tam Kanushu, and Paloma to this end, using Paloma's life force and the box's key, hidden in a ceramic duck that Maximus had recently acquired, to revive him. She is ultimately beaten by Betty, Juanita, Sparky, X5, Degill, Spindly Tam, and Paloma, and sealed up in the box along with her father, never to hurt anyone ever again.

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