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Oswald the Lucky Rabbit was one of the first animated characters created by Walt Disney.

In his current revival, Oswald is portrayed rough, bitter, and short-tempered around anyone he doesn't trust. Being forgotten for years makes him very cynical about his life often. For others who suffer a similar fate like his he has sympathy for. He had especially strong jealousy towards his "brother", who he blamed for stealing his life. It takes someone with a strong will to earn his trust. Beneath his harsh exterior, however, lies a saddened and hurt character who just wants to be loved again by the hearts of others. His time with Mickey helped him realize how Mickey cares about him as a brother despite their differences, allowing Oswald to mend broken ties with Mickey and accept who they are as brothers.

Besides being rather grumpy, Oswald takes after Mickey in many ways. He is somewhat mischievous, adventurous, and never escapes trouble, but finds his way out through cunning and wit. He loves to play and make others laugh at his comedy. He is also still moral despite his flaws and always tries to do the right thing. He attempts to look for what's best for his family and friends, even if there's a risk. Though he doesn't appear to be, Oswald can be quite friendly if he wants to. His love for Ortensia is just as similar and strong as Mickey's love for Minnie.

Role in UltimaEdit


In Ultima, Oswald has assumedly turned to the Dark Side and has joined the Shadow Blot and the Mad Doctor in trying to destroy both the Organization and the Society with an army of Heartless, Nobodies, and Blotlings. But in reality, Oswald is still actually a hero, pretending to be evil so that he can take down the Shadow Blot and his evil forces from within. Only Mickey: his brother, Roxas, Namine, and Ortensia know this truth, and they try to keep this secret from the Blot's wrath.

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