Oni masks

The Oni Generals

The Oni Generals are Tarakudo's elite servants in the Shadowkhan army. They are as follows:

  1. Kaito- The Ninja commander who has doubts over the Oni cause.
  2. Kamisora - A punk with a knack for destruction
  3. Daseki - Tarakudo's treacherous lieutenant.
  4. Ozeki - Easily one of the stupidest Oni generals.
  5. Ikazuki - Tarakudo's right-hand oni.
  6. Ika - The slippery sneak who is fiercely loyal to his leader.
  7. Kage - Tarakudo's spy and saboteur.
  8. Kani - The crab oni general who believes himself to be far more competent than he actually is
  9. Kamakiri - The insane wild card who has no problems killing off potential allies just for the heck of it.
  10. Karasu- Tarakudo's newest general and trustful eyes and ears, including dangerous femme fatale that more than just her look and skills
The oni generals were freed from the Shadow Realm by Padro Lodo in order to gain generals for the Organization's Army.

The Generals become the main Antagonist in Dimensional Empire, where they begin hunting the Keyblade wielder to get Loki's reward, weither capture or kill, as long they don't went far as interfere with the Org's dominance plan

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