Nick is the former main protagonist of Ultima. He wields the Ultimasword.


He has brown hair, and wears a blue hadkerchief around his neck. He also wears blue jeans, a white shirt, blue eyes, and a pair of sneakers. The sword is very powerful and can be very devastating. Nick learns to use it while facing off against powerful enemies. But he is not alone. The Society watches his back everytime as he joins them in great and epic battles with the Organization. His main party members are the main characters of that famous cartoon show, Nickelodeon's infamous, Spongebob Squarepants. In conclusion, Nick knows a lot about the Society because he watches them on TV. Of course, not all the members of the Society are cartoon characters. Characters and people from various video games, comics, and anime/manga have also joined. As well as people from alternate Earths.

Along the course of the story, Nick eventually became the new leader of the Society, replacing Spongebob as second in command and still had alot to learn during his journey,

His weapon, the Ultimasword can switch to its Blaster form, firing from rapid shots to a charged knockback shot, and having hidden abilities including a Split form, its ability to split into a two-sided sword for better speed and endurance, and aside from teleportation, performing lighting slashes in rapid succession.

In Classified, Nick and his friend, Wayne and Antone, make appearence at the small grocery shop to buy some stuff at the moment way before the Org's invasion take place and  also is when Morgan team is temporary trapped in Nick's past world while not trying to do anything that would effect the future event now.

Nick's TaleEdit

Because of the recent revamp, Nick's story will be retold in the upcoming Ultima story, Nick's Tale, by TemhotaTech.