An evil Darkwing from a parallel reality called the "Negaverse" which is a nightmarish reverse version of St. Canard. Negaduck is virtually identical to Darkwing except that the colors of his costume are red, black, and yellow. Negaduck has no special powers or abilities but can disguise himself as Darkwing to make the hero look like a criminal. He is very ruthless and has no problem with hurting people to get what he wants: great wealth and authority over both worlds. He is the leader of the Fearsome Five, a group he formed with Bushroot, Liquidator, Megavolt, and Quackerjack, all of whom are somewhat scared of him. In "The Duck Knight Returns", he discovered Darkwing's secret identity and attacked him at home - an event that caused the superhero to retire for a year - and later teamed up with Magica De Spell to ruin Darkwing's reputation with brainwashed, alternate reality versions of the hero. An unrelated, earlier Negaduck was created (in the episode "Negaduck") by Megavolt's Tron Splitter, an evil copy of Darkwing that had been "galvanised" into a powerful and malevolent being; in the comic "Crisis of Infinite Darkwings", the Tron Splitter was used to stop the main Negaduck, reducing him to multiple microscopic particles of good and evil, which turned into a slime substance. As seen in "Dangerous Currency", this slime turned all those who were exposed to it, into more powerful and evil versions of themselves (it was later revealed that after being split, his conscicence was sent to a neutral dimension, waiting to be returned, where he used Morgana's powers to cross between the dimensions), where he had one last showdown with Darkwing, being sent back to the neutral dimension.

In Ultima, Negaduck is a member of the Organization who leads the expanded version of the Fearsome Five, the Masters of Chaos, into battle whenever they are involved.

negaduck in updated suit

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