Mutant Grunt

A couple of Mutants. The one on the right is a Club Mutant.

Also known as Common Class Mutants. They originally appeared on a world strucked by an asteroid.

The locals believed they were created from cosmic radiation, but in truth they were created by a ruthless dictatorship, called the Authority. The mutants were consider failures, and thus were tossed into the wilderness where they banded together and started breeding.

But that's the origin of the original mutants. No one, not even the Society, seems to know where they come from. But the threat they are is all too real. They use simple tactics, but they attacked in numbers, and swarm their prey like locusts. Mutants use simply weaponry - mostly clubs and knives fashioned from scrap metal found lying about. The larger mutants show some signs of intelligence, seeing as how they are able to build crude fire arms, and ordance.

Types of MutantsEdit

Club MutantEdit

Dagger ThrowerEdit

7 standard

A Dagger Thrower

Scoop MutantEdit

8 ranged

A Scoop Mutant


9 explosive

A Dyno-Mutant

Slime MutantEdit



A Kraken

Large MutantEdit

Giant MutantEdit

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