Morgan is Chuck Bartowski's best friends since childhood, he's not actually just a typical sidekick ever, he's kinda quirky, clumsy, speaking to third person, half glass full kinda guy, but one thing for sure, he's loyal and willingly to go the distance for his friends, kinda literally. Since he's been reunited with his best friends, he's start making himself worthed by helping out or making some system gadgetry to help improve the fort since been a Nerd herd tech support at the Buymore. While he getting along with the other character, sometime he get too psyched and awkwardly nervous when meeting other people mostly fictional cartoon, book or other media appearance

Ultima roleEdit


Morgan in ultima version

Morgan, along with Chuck work for the Special unit and also train their combat skill, althought, his self-defense effort is a bit sloppy while his technique machinery pretty good for Chuck's standard, it's also a hints that he and Chuck will go on a quest or mostly misadventure to find his family while they with the other rookie Society members stumble on a conspiracy that the Organization planned to turn the war around to their favours.

Morgan stars in Ultima: Classified, where he led a team of few trained and rookie Society members for an attempted rescue(and probably arresting)of the recently sudden rogue Chuck Bartowski on his unknown reason.

Battle morgan

Battle Morgan

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