Mechanicles is an antagonist in the Aladdin television series . He has described himself as the "Greatest of the great Greek geniuses", developing various complex mechanical devices, commonly based on insects, with the long-term goal of taking over the world (Even keeping a list to that effect).

His first appearance featured him attacking a small village with his insects, managing to capture Genie and Carpet in his assault- simultaneously forcing Aladdin to recognise how much he depended on them and had come to take them for granted-, but the rest of the group managed to rescue them, subsequently destroying Mechanicles's largest robot via a team effort (Aladdin infiltrated the machine and damaged its oil supply, Genie and Carpet generated a sandstorm, and Jasmine, Abu and Iago managed to temporarily immobilize it by tying it down).

Mechanicles's greatest features are his ego and an over-obsessive fixation with cleanliness, the group often managing to keep him distracted by making things dirty long enough to put him off-balance and trick him. This fixation inspired many of his schemes; he tried to turn the entire desert into glass because glass is a smooth surface compared to 'dirty' sand, he stole cargo off a ship to boil the ocean because using steam is a better cleaning technique to clean clothes rather than normal scrubbing, and even attempted to destroy the whole of Thundra's rainforest with mechanical termites.

His most successful scheme to date was his attemp to take control of Agrabah by using a robot to hypnotise the inhabitants to regard him as a friend, even managing to take control of the city, but his scheme was undone when Genie and Carpet proved immune to his robot's influence, the two subsequently breaking Aladdin free of the robot's influence and helping Aladdin to destroy the robot.

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