Manny Rivera AKA El Tigre

Manuel Pablo Gutierrez O'Brian Equahia Rivera, or Manny for short, is the civilain identity of El Tigre. Besides being a student at Miracle City's school and living in the roof rooms of an apartment building with his dad Rodolfo Rivera and Grandpapi, he is known for having the super powers of his alter ego El Tigre every time he spins his El Tigre Belt's Buckle. His best friend Frida Suárez commonly is with him to be in any of Manny's antics, either it be good or bad. Manny's personality usually gets him to want to do the fun stuff first. Even if that means it could get him in trouble. However if something really goes wrong, he won't hesitate to fix his mistake and will use his El Tigre powers to do so. While he has this personality sort of like a hero, his tendency to want to choose the easier and sometimes destructive way is like a villain. He will however always save his family just like the rest of the Rivera family. He was once taken care of by both Maria and Rodolfo until the former left since she could not cope with her husband ending hurt with every battle. Afterwards, his Granpapi joined in and he was taken care by him and his father. In pre-school, he was once friends with Zoe Aves. Their friendship continued until he met Frida in detention, who quickly became his best friend, thus beginning the feud between Frida and Zoe. When Frida got kidnapped by Sartana, Manny used his El Tigre powers for the first time to save her. Unfortunately, he didn't watch what he was doing and accidently scratched himself in the face, resulting in a scar on his face. Rodolfo warned Manny that this should be a lesson to him that his powers can hurt anyone even himself.

Ultima roleEdit

Manny once appeared with his family mainly his father and grandfather, when the Safe house been under attack,

it's unknown yet when he's going to appear again. Manny is on Society scouting and assault unit for tougher situation.

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