Mac is a bright, unselfish, creative and somewhat shy boy who created Blooregard Q. Kazoo when he was three years old. Mac is unusually clever and almost always knows what to do when there is a problem. He stands three feet, six inches tall and weighing 67 pounds (according to his Coco Card) with a sense of reason and somewhat large vocabulary to match. He tends to be the one to settle any mishaps that the imaginary friends (particularly Bloo) end up causing. Mac is usually very good-natured, despite Bloo's continuing antics. No matter what happens to Bloo or any other member of the house, Mac is usually the one to bail them out. However, he has been known to snap; Mac has a strongly moral personality and he always avoids doing wrong things, but sometimes he is pushed to do otherwise, almost always by Bloo. There is nothing that he loves more than visiting Foster's and spending time with his friends

Ultima roleEdit

Mac is a Sentinel cadet at the academy while managing to get a grade in weaponizing techniques, and once join a team with the Ultima weapon wielders to search for the Chaos emeralds.

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