Loki is the main villain of The Avengers, and is currently a member of the Organization's Harbingers.


Born originally to the Frost Giant king Laufey, Loki is now the adoptive son of Odin and step-brother of Thor and Balder. During his childhood Loki had always competed with Thor over Odin's affections, to which he often lost to Thor. Aside from their sibling rivalry, Thor and Loki were most often the best of friends. Loki had always shown a great interest in the mystic arts and sought to become a sorcerer. It has often been because of Loki that enemy races such as the frost giants have attacked or broken into Asgard. odin has often kept a watchful eye on Loki for his mischief.

Role in the seriesEdit


Loki has currently joined up with the Organization to rule all worlds. Despite being a god with power levels equivalent to Hades and Maleficent, Padro Lodo has managed to demote Loki to being the Harbingers' leader in order to prevent him from trying to take over the Organization. He currently has control over the Chitauri Space armada, non-shapeshifting cousins to the Skrulls.

in Dimensional Empire, Loki became Sora's new yet fierce antagonist when he initiately attacking on the updated world of Disney and mercilessly beating down Sora when he was at his weakest since he stumble down from the portal in space, until he's defeated by the sudden appearance of Kairi, with her unexplained newfound ability, strenght and power of rage also.

After escaped from the world that he simply destroyed without any thought, bruised and injured, he simply smirked with confident that his grand plan is just only begun.

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