Ultima next big foe by frame10-d4ib1it

Legend is a mysterious character. Almost nothing is known about her. She talks very little, and doesn't say much. She's quick, efficient, and merciless. Cold, and calculating. And cruel and remorseless.

Legend wields the same abilities as the Avatar. No one, not even Aang, can figure out how this is possible.

Whatever the case, she's extremely dangerous, and completely loyal to the Org, and one of the most powerful of the Harbingers.

Only Maleficent, Lodo, Jafar, the Horned King, Dr. Eggman, and Loki are able to command this deadly weapon of a girl.

Role in UltimaEdit

In Ultima, it is eventually revealed that Legend is actually a corrupted version of Aang's next succesor, Korra, having been changed into a monster by Padro Lodo to swell up the ranks of the Org. Once Aang discovers the truth about Legend, he decides to make it his mission to free the next would be avatar from Lodo's clutches and survive her deadly assault against him in the process.

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